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Laser Marking metal

The benefits of laser-engraving stainless steel and metals are many. Laser Marking metal is an extremely precise and clean way to process metals with non-contact, permanent markings. Markings produced by annealing serve as durable, acid, chemical and corrosion resistant labels that no not damage the metal surface. For instance, customized labels can be added to stainless steel using a stainless steel-engraving machine. Companies can place logos, serial numbers, bar codes, text, or any image created by graphics software onto the metal surface. With laser marking, stainless steel will never show evidence of deformation or stress points due to the special no-contact process. It’s even possible to direct the pinpointed laser equipment into the tightest areas, applying very small characters or designs to the metal. At Precision Laser Engraivng LLC we also offer a Rotary Attachment Option to laser engrave on cylindrica parts and tools. CONTACT US FOR A CUSTOM QUOTE

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